Our Board

Meet the Board of Our Childhood Cancer Foundation

The members of DCG Giving’s board of directors come from varied professional backgrounds – but they have in common the desire and vision to empower pediatric cancer charities and the kids they help out all across the nation. Our board combines experience in oncology, fundraising, and the logistics of running a nationwide operation – all skills needed to fight against childhood cancers throughout the United States.

Dave Cantin headshot

DAVE CANTIN is the founder and CEO of the Dave Cantin Group. Motivated by inspiring others and giving back, Dave has pledged extensive time and effort in the pursuit of finding a cure for childhood cancer. He has been unwavering in his commitment to funding pediatric cancer research through various programs and fundraising events. Dave has been a board member for several charitable foundations, including Hope & Heroes Columbia University Medical Center, Project Ladybug, and Hyundai Hope on Wheels, where he served as the Vice-Chairman. Dave’s efforts have raised over 100 million dollars towards curing pediatric cancer so far.

Michael Weiner headshot

Dr. MICHAEL WEINER is a pediatric oncologist, philanthropist, and author. He is proud to serve as the head of Pediatric Oncology and Vice-Chair of the Department of Pediatrics at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital. He has made major contributions in the diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with leukemia and lymphoma and is nationally recognized as a leader in the field.

He is the founder of the Hope & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization he began 25 years ago to support patients, families, special programs, and research at Columbia. Dr. Weiner’s other charitable endeavors include board membership on the Children’s Board at Columbia, Ronald McDonald Charities of New York, Medical Advisory Committee of Hyundai Hope on Wheels, and as a consultant to the Valerie Fund charity of New Jersey. Dr. Weiner has deep knowledge of all aspects of philanthropy and charitable giving.

Brian Brown headshot

BRIAN BROWN has 30 years of automotive experience, focusing on every aspect of the automotive business and dealership operations. He has spent the majority of his career working at General Motors at a corporate, regional, and field level. He has a proven automotive understanding from a wholesale and retail perspective as it relates to product advertising/marketing, OEM processes, dealership operational processes, variable/fixed strategies, and employee engagement.

Andrew Cherkasky headshot

ANDREW CHERKASKY is a former federal prosecutor best known for his work as an elite complex-litigation attorney with a tremendous range of professional experience. His experience spans from commercial and corporate transactions, to advising generals in combat, to leading multi-million-dollar federal lawsuits, to appearing before the Supreme Court of the United States of America. In addition, Andrew is a regular national news commentator on Fox News and other outlets discussing major legal and political stories.

After law school, Andrew served our country in the United States Air Force as a Judge Advocate. where he advised generals, commanders, and combat troops on issues including the laws of armed conflict, the rules of engagement, international law, and military justice. After successful tours overseas, Andrew was transferred to the Pentagon, where he was entrusted with litigating the military’s most high-profile and complex felony cases.

Michelle Amodio headshot.

MICHELLE AMODIO spent over 15 years in the tech sector writing about IP communications, call center/CRM services, IoT/M2M, alternative power, and automotive technology. After working in the B2B tech market, she started focusing on helping other businesses with their communications projects, strategies, and administrative support. Michelle is proud of her track record of strong performance in high-volume, high-pressure environments.