Childhood Cancer Symptoms

How Childhood Cancer Research Increases
Early Detection and Saves Lives

Thanks in large part to the work of our partners at the Children’s Oncology Group, childhood cancer treatment has made astronomical advances in the past several decades. With modern treatment methods, pediatric cancers have an 80% survival rate over five years, a figure that continues to grow due to powerful emerging treatments.

However, even the best treatments can only be effective in saving kids’ lives and making them healthy again if cancer is detected early enough. DCG Giving works with pediatric cancer organizations around the country to support their critical work in this area – donate now to help us further this cause or read on to learn more.

Early Diagnosis of Pediatric Cancer Helps Improve Outcomes

DCG Giving’s mission includes furthering research at local cancer institutions around the country that will lead to better, more accurate early diagnosis methods for pediatric cancers. According to studies, approximately 10% of children diagnosed with cancer are genetically predisposed for cancer risk. Unlike in adults, cancer in children usually can’t be prevented by changing environmental or lifestyle factors. This means that detecting malignancy, pre-cancerous cells, or genetic risks in the earliest stages of cancer, even before symptoms arise, is the best way to ensure kids and teens get the treatment they need to overcome cancer.

So-called warning symptoms associated with childhood cancer include persistent or chronic fever, headaches, and bone pain. If parents or family physicians notice signs like these, and children can be referred for easy and accurate cancer screening, many lives can be saved.

Cancer treatment delivered as early as possible has an untold number of benefits. It’s more effective, gives children a better chance of survival with fewer complications and less risk of recurrence, and can be less intensive, making it easier on young patients and their families.

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The Children’s Oncology Group Leads the Way in Childhood Cancer Research

At DCG Giving, we exclusively partner with members of COG, the world’s biggest association of pediatric cancer institutions. All of our proceeds go directly to these member institutions, who work constantly to make the lives of children and teenagers with cancer better and deliver cures every single day. Donating to DCG Giving means supporting this vital cause in your local area – please contribute today, because every gift furthers research and helps kids heal.