DCG Giving Observes Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

At DCG Giving, we’re focused on our mission year-round. But September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, which for us is a time to reaffirm our commitments, reflect on how we can continue and improve the much-needed work of fighting against pediatric cancers, and spread a vitally important message to the world at large.

This Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we’re challenging everyone to turn awareness into action. One of the biggest contributing factors to kids who have cancer getting better is research. Every clinical trial has the potential to benefit children who are suffering from a devastating disease – whether it’s a few, or thousands, or more. But unfortunately, only about 4% of the US government’s cancer research budget is dedicated to pediatric cancers.

Why Your Donations to Fight Childhood Cancer are Important

Think about what any contribution, of any size, can therefore do for the cause of ending childhood cancers. Your efforts can help our partners – local members of the Children’s Oncology Group, the largest pediatric cancer alliance in the world – conduct lifesaving clinical trials. But not just that – you can help give families peace of mind while their children are undergoing treatment for cancer, help people who survived cancer when they were young to live longer, healthier, and better lives, and do much more.

In real, individual terms, this means more kids getting back to school, healthy and excited to see their friends again. It means more teenagers will successfully complete treatment and be able to rejoin the soccer, football, tennis, or softball team, or get back on stage with the theater or debate club, or help take the quiz bowl team to the state finals. It means recovery, healing, relief, restoration, happiness – children and teenagers who were scared for their lives being excited for their futures again. Families worrying about college campus tours instead of their child’s cancer diagnosis. Communities enriched by all this human potential.

How You Can Help During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

At DCG Giving, we want to make it easy to donate, with the confidence that your generosity will have a direct and immediate impact on local cancer charities and the people they serve. We believe the best work is done at the local level, so you also shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to your nearest Children’s Oncology Group member and see what volunteer opportunities are available. We’ll also always have the latest updates available to view on our news page.

Especially during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, your donation is highly valuable to our partner organizations and kids with cancer in communities across the country. You can donate now, or contact us to learn more about how we’re helping children beat cancer.