DCG Giving Partners with the Children’s Oncology Group

At DCG Giving, we’re a childhood cancer nonprofit dedicated to getting kids with cancer and their families the help they need close to home. A major part of our mission is providing financial and structural support to local pediatric cancer charities in areas big and small across the country. From the beginning, we’ve wanted to make sure our generous donors’ contributions had the biggest possible positive impact on the lives of children and their loved ones. That’s why DCG Giving has formed a nonprofit partnership with the Children’s Oncology Group, the biggest organization of childhood cancer nonprofits in the entire world.

About COG

The Children’s Oncology Group includes more than 200 hospitals, cancer centers, and universities around the globe, all of which specialize in fighting the various forms of pediatric cancer. COG’s predecessor organizations have a history stretching back to 1955 – in 2000, four large pediatric cancer groups undertook a voluntary merger to form what is now the Children’s Oncology Group of today.

Over nine-tenths of all the children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer in the US are treated at a COG-affiliated hospital or cancer center. There are approximately 100 clinical trials active at COG member institutions at any given time, which have the potential to result in breakthroughs that could make all the difference for thousands of children. These trials study such important elements as advanced current and emerging treatments, genetic and biological factors, supportive care, ways to mitigate future health risks for young survivors, and more.

Thanks to the efforts of the childhood cancer nonprofits in COG, childhood cancer has changed from an incurable disease to one with an approximately 80% five-year survival rate in less than five decades.

Our Partnership with COG

DCG Giving’s affiliation with COG allows us to form a vital line of support for childhood cancer nonprofits dedicated to curing kids and teens with cancer in local areas, from small towns to the largest cities in the country. This nonprofit partnership allows us to connect the generosity of automotive industry professionals, particularly dealer principals, with the organizations that are making a real difference in the fight against childhood cancer in their local community.

We’re proud of our affiliation with the Children’s Oncology Group because it furthers our commitment to the 3 Cs – children, cancer, and community – and ensures our work has the best possible effect for everyone.

For any inquiries about DCG Giving’s partnership with the Children’s Oncology Group or other questions, contact us today – or donate now to help us give COG member institutions the support they need to help out kids across the country.