Frequently Asked Questions About DCG Giving

Frequently Asked Questions About DCG Giving

DCG Giving is a nonprofit organization dedicated to channeling the generosity of automotive industry professionals to the fight against childhood cancers. We use our donors’ contributions to support local member organizations of the Children’s Oncology Group, who are helping out kids and their families in communities from coast to coast.

We get a lot of questions from people who are interested in getting involved and making a difference for children and teens with cancer. Here are some of the most common things we get asked.

What is DCG Giving, and How Did It Start?

DCG Giving is the nonprofit affiliate of the Dave Cantin Group, one of the largest and fastest-growing financial advisory companies specifically focused on the automotive industry in the country. DCG Giving grew out of the Dave Cantin Group’s DCG Gives Back program, which matched completed auto dealership transactions with a nearby pediatric cancer charity, which would receive a portion of the proceeds as a donation.

While these one-time donations were able to raise much-needed funds for these local nonprofit organizations, DCG Giving focuses on creating lasting relationships between automotive industry professionals and organizations that are fighting pediatric cancer in communities around the country. Learn more about our history and the reason we were founded.

How Can I Donate to Childhood Cancer Research?

DCG Giving uses contributions from automotive dealerships, executives, auto industry professionals, and regular people around the country to support the leading, lifesaving research of Children’s Oncology Group member organizations. Click here to donate – anything you can give is extremely valuable.

What is the Importance of Childhood Cancer Research?

Pediatric cancer is one of the most devastating diseases imaginable. When a child is diagnosed with cancer, many people are negatively affected – the young patient most of all, but also the members of their family, their friends, and people in the surrounding community. Children are our future, and deserve to learn, play, and grow in good health no matter what.

The research conducted by members of COG has been instrumental in giving millions of kids a chance to recover from their illness and live a full, happy life. Over the past 50 years, advances in treatment have turned childhood cancers from incurable diseases into ones with an 80% survival rate over 5 years – but the work won’t be done until every child who has cancer can be cured.

How Does Donating to Childhood Cancer Research Help?

Out of the federal government’s budget for cancer research in general, only 4% goes toward pediatric cancer research each year. This is why every donation to the cause of fighting childhood cancers counts for so much.

The more funding that pediatric cancer charities can access, the more clinical trials can be run, increasing the odds of finding another new treatment that will save children’s lives. More resources for these organizations also means better supportive services for kids and their families to overcome the secondary effects of childhood cancers, and more effective help for survivors who may go on to have health complications later in life.

What Charities Do My Donations Go To?

DCG Giving facilitates donations to local pediatric cancer charities serving communities of any size all across the country. We are always expanding our network of COG-affiliated charitable partners. Learn more about where your money goes.

What Partnerships is DCG Giving Currently Involved In?

DCG Giving is partnered with the Dave Cantin Group to help form relationships between auto dealership buyers and their local pediatric cancer organizations. We also maintain an affiliation with the Children’s Oncology Group and all the local charities we sponsor are COG members.

Are There Other Ways I Can Help?

In addition to donating to this vital, worthwhile cause, volunteering your time can be an incredible way to help out kids who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families near you. We make community involvement a priority – please check our news page or contact us to learn more about how you can make a difference.

Click here to donate and help us support local organizations that are saving children’s lives, or contact DCG Giving for more information.