DCG Giving Honors Our Partner Organizations During National Cancer Research Month

Each May, people and health institutions across the United States observe National Cancer Research Month, which is dedicated to the efforts of the skilled oncological doctors and scientists and brave clinical trial participants who work towards cures every day. DCG Giving’s partners in the Children’s Oncology Group will stop at nothing to save the lives of more young people with cancer, and every contribution to this fight is important, because a mere 4% of the federal government’s funding for cancer research is dedicated to pediatric cancers.

Read more on what COG member institutions are doing each day to help more kids get cured and assist families during the treatment process, or click here to donate to DCG Giving today – 100% of your gift goes directly to pioneering, lifesaving research programs and clinical and social support for those who need it most.

The State of Childhood Cancer Research

Mere decades ago, almost all forms of childhood cancer were considered incurable. But the work of the institutions that make up the Children’s Oncology Group has now given children diagnosed with cancer an average 80% five-year survival rate, a number that is increasing given the great promise of current advanced and developing treatment options. In some types of leukemia, the cancer that most commonly affects children, that survival rate exceeds 90%, and children who are cancer-free five years after diagnosis are unlikely to have their cancer recur.

Two forms of pediatric cancer treatment that are not only delivering better outcomes for kids and teens, but also are easier to cope with and have fewer side effects, are molecularly targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Both of these treatment methods have been shown to be effective first-line medicines in some forms of childhood cancer, and clinical trials are underway to make them better, more widely available, and greater in scope.

Your Donations Help Fund Research on Pediatric Cancer

DCG Giving’s mission is to fund vital efforts like these research initiatives in local cancer centers serving communities small and large across the country. Because the US government budget for pediatric cancer research is relatively limited, this is an area in which your contribution will have a disproportionate positive impact. Every donation means more potential for kids and teens with cancer to get healthy again and better support for young patients and their families during an incredibly difficult time in their lives.

Donate to DCG Giving – Help Kids Get Cancer Treatment Locally

We applaud the work of all of the institutions and people of the Children’s Oncology Group this National Cancer Research Month. It’s thanks to them that children and teenagers throughout the US are able to beat cancer and keep thriving. Your donation is what makes it possible for us to support the all-important work of COG – and every gift counts.