Ways Donating to a Childhood Cancer Charity Helps Families

The pediatric cancer institutions in the Children’s Oncology Group that we partner with conduct a great deal of research, which is an important process that leads to more young peoples’ lives being saved. But childhood cancer research isn’t the only thing that your donation to DCG Giving funds.

Children and teenagers who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as their families, need a great deal of support in every aspect of their lives. That’s why we proudly contribute to organizations that assist families as their children receive cancer treatment in communities large and small across the country. These compassionate initiatives are dedicated to making things easier and less stressful for kids and teens who are going through the hardest time of their lives as they fight cancer.

Childhood Cancer Family Support

Many COG member organizations are focused on psychosocial healing for young people with cancer by combining fun and togetherness with evidence-based methods. Twist Out Cancer, for example, uses creative arts programming to help pediatric cancer survivors find greater hope and process their feelings, while the Make-a-Wish foundation is known nationwide for its mission of making kids’ dreams come true and creating unique, cherished memories.

Other COG-affiliated nonprofits we partner with help families in local areas with the logistical aspects of taking their children to receive cancer treatment, provide educational support for kids who miss school due to treatment, and offer other important services such as physical and occupational therapy. These include the Better Billings Foundation in Montana, the Wyoming Valley Children’s Association in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and many other organizations.

Donate to DCG Giving: Lend a Helping Hand to Families Affected by Pediatric Cancers

Supportive services like those provided by these nonprofits are urgently needed in communities across the United States. When you contribute to DCG Giving, 100% of your gift benefits the organizations and institutions where it will have the greatest impact, helping children and teens overcome pediatric cancers and assisting them in living better, healthier lives in the future. Please donate now – the kids and families affected by cancer can’t wait.